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Product Features : 

This series of  lock 
is adopting Mifare 13.56MHZ S50 1K original Philip chip Card, which could be extend to use as mifare one card system.  It's the most advanced technology in the world.

Selling Points:
1) American Standard Five-latch stainless steel mortise;
2) Clock auto-repairing for clock error or stopping due to environment change;
3) Large capacity of unlock record:864pcs including mechanical one.
4) "Do not disturb" prompt
5) Anti-plug alarm
6) Clutch gear motor, high reliability
7) Fixed handle structure, anti-violence opening
8) PCB surface preservative treatment 9)Electric wave sensor technology for long battery life

Mifare card lock Software unique feature:
a.Breakfast roll function;
b. One card system for access control and elevator
c. All cards have timing function to avoid any inconvenience caused by staff resign/lay off
d.All unlock cards have "Normal Open" function to facilitate long-renting hotel business room, e. Can be compatible with international hotel management system: PMS or Fedelio   f.Designated floors, rooms, area and time subsection management

Composition Required:

Lock & accessory allocation



 Lock quantity

Room quantity + office quantity, please take note that the door handle  is left or right, and the door thickness must be 38mm ~ 70mm.

 Card quantity

Triple times of the lock quantity 

 Reader quantity

Allocate at least 1 set for individual issuing card venue, and 1 more set as back-up one.


Based on varied requirement, the user has many options like elevator controller, bed control system, safe, access controller etc.


Customization requirement is available with enough quantity supported.





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